This is a POC for DNS over HTTPS (DoH).

This DoH service might not yet be stable!

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What is DNS over HTTPS?

Normally the dns queries sent by your computer to the dns resolver are sent over an unencrypted connection. Anyone with access to your network can listen to these queries.

Nowadays most internet traffic is sent encrypted, like websites using https instead of http. This is why DNS over HTTPS (DoH in short) was developed.

Some browsers, like Firefox and Chrome, already have support for DNS over HTTPS. Soon they will start to enable DoH by default.

For those that prefer not to use the default DoH servive provided by Cloudflare in Firefox, Belnet has created its own DoH service. It's available to anyone, not only our customer.

How can I use doh?

Belnet DoH

The Belnet DNS over HTTPS service is available via


By default Firefox will use the DoH service from Cloudflare. But you can change this and some other settings.


Because DoH was developed to protect your privacy, we decided not to log your individual queries

For performance monitoring and statistics we do some logging:

  • Your IP, response code, protocol and response time are logged (not the DNS query)
  • Queries are logged anonymized by our recurive DNS servers.